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The beautiful Japanese made Cappage Patch Kids.  Quite Rare and well known for their Wedding Sets and Twin Sets.  Also, some of the popular blends were girl and boy blonde dolls with brown eyes.  Their eyes and faces are slightly different shape to the Coleco Kids and other foreign kids hence making them very popular with the Collectors.


These babies are what I call the all sorts.  They include different kids from different factories including P, PMI, OK, KT, IC 1,2,3,4,5,6, UT, SS, WS

The IC babies are very popular with their almost off complexion and usually rosey cheeky.  These are the Norse Kids.

UT are probably the most beautiful.  And some combinations are extremely popular.  Most probably the favourite would be any single pony #4 paciface.

KT The most beautiful eyes with these babies.  I wont say more as I am on a current project and until I succeed, I don't want to jinx myself.  P & PMI P Kids are very popular because of their height.  They were two inches taller than the rest of the colecos.  But I prefer the PMI's as their faces were more beautiful and bodies as good as the Tri-Ang's.

OK, SS, WS  OK's were the largest manufacturer of CPK with factories in HONG KONG, NY and several other smaller ones.  They also spun off the SS and WS and OK preemie babies.


Lili Ledy's

My favourite kids and also the most rare and expensive of them all.  Any collector will tell you that they love getting their hands on one of these little beauties.  Made in Mexico and only for the Mexican Market, they were sometimes illegally imported to other countries as collectors desperately wanted to attain one or two for their collection so paid up to and even more than six hundred US for a special Lili Ledy Cabbage Patch Kid with Adoption Papers.

People say they are smaller in size than the rest of the Cabbage Patch Kids but the are not.  Their stitching is more cared for so they are usually very cuddly but tightly stitched and the legs are fat and uneven allot showing the true nature of a hand stitched cloth doll.  With porcelain faces and lovely wool.  They are a gem!


These would have to be one of the most Beautiful lots of Cabbage Patch Kids.  Very popular among the collectors as they were mostly made in Spain but delivered all around Europe with each group set out for different countries hence having their own cultural style.  They Are beautiful.  especially the 4# Paci Kids.

Several of the Jesmar Kids came with Freckles.  They look more hand painted than and freckles with other kids.  The Jesmars seem to have the most characteristics on their faces with most of the eyes raised above so that they look like they are shyly gawking at you awaiting for permission for something.


When I was pregnant with my daughter, I began searching for a Cabbage Patch Doll like I had when I was a little girl.  I had a few others which I saved for her but not my favourite which was a head mould 1 or 3 with green eyes and two red ponies.

After purchasing a massive lot from a lovely lady Jesse from the States in the hopes that one may look like her, I decided to start looking after them all and restoring them to their natural beauty.

Some were already perfect but others needed work.  Then I found one that looked different to the rest.  The eyes were dull.

So I started to read about the different factories and realised that I have a precious head mould 3 Tri Ang Pedigree Cabbage Patch Kid from South America and that started it all didn't it.  I found out there were several different kind of Cabbage Patch Kids you can find known as the Foreign Kids.  Please check out my collection on them too.  I bet half of you don't even know they exist.  I didn't either.

Then it got crazy and I ended up with about 100 dolls as it is very addictive and each one is so different that you just want to see more and more.

Over the last few years I have adopted several out to wonderful parents but our collection still stands over 75 including all kinds of Coleco Kids, Spanish Jesmars, South African Tri Angs and Japanese Tsukudas now which we cannot part with.

I have also set up an adpotion site on here too for some from our personal collection as there is still too many.

I hope you enjoy our little babies.  I shouldn't really blame my daughter for this crazy but wonderful hobby.  She is almost two and is now taking a big part in my hobbie.  Especially stealing all the shoes off the cpk's.  The little terror hehehe